It's been a while…

Are blogs still a thing??

It’s been a very very long time since I had anything resembling a blog. Sometime back in the uni days I built my own as a way to learn Rails but that eventually gave way to the ease of Twitter or Facebook, plus I stopped making time to try and write.

Why start a blog now? I have less time than before and the hosted services are better than ever.

The reason is that I wanted to have a little more ownership over my own content. Last year I found myself debating where to write up an interesting cycle I’d been on: Strava, Komoot or Instagram. I’ll cover my mixed feelings on pimping my own ‘adventures’ another time.

Not wanting to produce 3 separate versions of the same ride I figured maybe I should just put something beyond just a simple holding page on my domain. I could learn some new tech (Jekyll in this version) and have ownership over my own creations.

My plan now is to link from the third parties to posts I publish here.

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